Snip-Snaps are enemies that appear in Kirby's Epic Yarn. They make their in-game debut in Cool Cave, and return for the levels Splash Beach and Tube Town.

A Solid SnakeEdit

The Snip-Snap is a long snake like strand of yellow yarn with a red button at the end connecting it to 2 clamps at the head. They reside in the narrow tunnels that are accessible with Kirby and Prince Fluff's Snake Form

Snipping AwayEdit

In the tunnels they hide in, the Snip-Snap will constantly snip and chase the player(s) until they leave the tunnel. In the Tube Town level, they have a more practical use: if they are lead into an outlet, they will transform into a plug. This allows the rest of the level to be accessed.


This snapper lives in tight spaces. It can stretch like you wouldn't believe!
— Casting • Kirby's Epic Yarn

Did You Know?Edit

  • The Japanese name for Snip-Snap: ガジガジ (Gajigaji)doesn't mean snip-SNAP, but snip-SNIP instead.
Snip-Snap Screenshot
Appearances Kirby's Epic Yarn
Location Cool Cave, Splash Beach, Tube Town