Ooki is an enemy that appears in a few stages in Kirby's Epic Yarn. It first appears the the Fountain Gardens level, where it will throw beads around the are. They will throw ten beads of random value, after which they will sit around and do absolutely nothing. 

Monkey See, Monkey DoEdit

The Ooki is likely based off an orangutan, it is a circular shaped monkey made of orange thread and has brown feet with one large tan button below a smaller brown button for an eye. The reason it is likely an orangutan is because it seems to resemble a primeval version of the inhabitants of Dream Land as well as the fact that it hangs around by it's tail.

Underestimate a MonkeyEdit

Under normal circumstances, Ooki does not attack Kirby, but while in the Tankbot Kirby form, they throw apples at the characters, which will damage the Tankbot.


This cheeky monkey is bananas about throwing beads everywhere!
— Casting • Kirby's Epic Yarn

Did You Know?Edit

  • If you transform into Weight Form and slam down ontop of the Ooki's tail, the Ooki will fall to the ground and start running around.
  • The Ooki will always throw a total of 27 beads in value.
Appearances Kirby's Epic Yarn
Location Grassy levels