Magmotamus are somewhat rare enemy from Kirby's Epic Yarn. It appears in only two stages, the first being Lava Landing. It much later appears in the Meta Melon Isle level.

Blob DinosaurEdit

Magmotamus is a limbless, red yarn blob monster with orange ridges on it's back resembling that of a dinosaur-like creature that float atop magma. Above this creatures squigly yarn mouth are 2 large black buttons with smaller white buttons on top for eyes that are connected by a single strand of black yarn. Strangely, it's left eye is somewhat larger than the right.

That Sinking FeelingEdit

The Magmotamus will not attack Kirby, rather, they serve as platforms which Kirby can walk on top of, however, they will slowly sink into the lava while the player character is on top of it. To counter this, Kirby can simply use his Weight Form form to pound Magmotamus rendering it dizzy and incapable of sinking. Pounding it a second time will destroy it and send Kirby plummeting into the lava below.


These guys live in magma. They sink if you step on them. Careful!
— Casting • Kirby's Epic Yarn

Did You Know?Edit

  • The Magmotamus is likely a relative of the Galbo from Dream Land and this relative somehow got warped into Patch Land.
Appearances Kirby's Epic Yarn
Location Lava Landing, Meta Melon Isle