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Screen shot of Hot Wing in Kirby's Epic Yarn


Hot Wings is the second boss in Kirby's Epic Yarn. He appears in Hot Land and tries to destroy Kirby so he can't reach Yin Yarn. He was as well created by Yin Yarn as well as the other bosses and enemies. After you defeat him you will obtain another piece of the Magic Yarn.


Hot Wings has many attacks in each you can avoid easily or barely. One of the attacks is when will fly to the top of the screen and lava will come from the bottom of the screen in places were the columns are not, which after a few seconds the lava will stop rising and on the right of the screen Hot wings will come out from the bottom of the screen. And his other attack is when he will send out small fire-like birds across the screen. Another attack he has is when he will send fireballs to come down from the top screen. His other attack is when Hot Wings will zoom across the screen left or right top or bottom.


To defeat Hot wings whenever he does the attack in which he sends birds across the screen you must grab one of the birds with your Yarn Whip hold 1 and once it's curled up like a ball of yarn, aim at Hot Wings and release 1. After words he will look like featherless chicken, he has a button in between his neck to pull with your Yarn Whip and then let go.


Hot Wings yarn colors are yellow, orange, green, red and purple. Hot Wings wings are suppose to be fire, it's outlined with red, directly next to some orange yarn and then a gap between the ornge yarn and the yellow. Hot Wings beak and feet, are yellow as well. Hot Wings neck, head and stomach are outlined with red and yellow stripes. His tail, feathers and the middle of his stomach is made out of green yarn. For Hot Wings eyes he has a button outlined with purple and in the center is white. He has a smaller button ontop which is a deep red with a piece of orange yarn tieing both buttons.