Fangora is the first boss you fight in Kirby's Epic Yarn appearing in the Grass Land world. This fould beast was created by Yin-Yarn the evil sorcerer to guard the Magic Yarn, the key to saving Patch Land...

Fear The DragonEdit

Fangora is a large yarn dragon garbed in shades of green, pink, red, black, orange, white and yellow yarn. His body outline is green and his wings are red, claws and teeth are made out of white yarn and the tongue is made out of pink yarn. He has yellow yarn half stripes for detail on his back and an odd shafe of green for to strands of yarn for his hair. He has a large yellow button and black eyelashes with a red button in the centre, another smaller black button and a yellow one ontop with and orange piece of yarn to tie all the buttons to Fangora's body for eyes.

Slaying The DragonEdit

Fangora has 2 attacks to choose from during this fight including launching his arrow shaped tongue and shooting 3 fireballs at you. After he uses his tongue attack he will become tired and begin to pant. While he is panting a large red button will dangle out from his mouth on the end of his tongue, this is the chance for the player to use their Yarn Whip on this big reg button and swing Fangora accross the arena. Doing this 3 times will defeat Fangora and get you the Magic Yarn unlocking Hot Land. However, to 100% this game the player must find the secret hidden within this boss fight to unlock a special level. To unlock this special area, you need to get the Mole Patch which you will find on the Bead Meter atop the screen, past where the Gold Medal usually is, lies the Mole Patch. Getting there requires you to obtain enough Beads which will drop every time you grab Fangora's tongue, but it will not add up to be enough. This is where the fire ball attack comes into play, grab one of the fire balls that were launched at you, and send it back to Fangora. He will not take any damage, but he will drop beads allowing you to obtain the Mole Patch. Every time that you grab Fangora's tongue, or throw a fire ball back at him, he will fly into into the background and come up from the fog beneath the player, this can be dodged by simply dashing out of the way when the fog directly beneath you begins to rise.


This flaming guardian can breathe fire but will drop its guard when tired!
— Casting • Kirby's Epic Yarn

Did You Know?Edit

  • The name "Fangora" is deprived from the words "Fang" and "Angora" which is a type of wool that is produced by the Angora Rabbit.
Appearances Kirby's Epic Yarn
Location Grass Land Boss Fight