The Emba is a rare flame-like enemy in the game: Kirby's Epic Yarn

A Bright LookEdit

The Emba appear in only 3 stages starting in Lava Landing, then returning to the sewing table for Temper Temple and finally Meta Melon Isle. These creatures take on the form of a rather large red and orange flame with a red button atop a black larger button for an eye and a small circle of orange yarn acting as a mouth. 

A Fiery Fight!Edit

The Emba attacks by jumping around trying to make any contact with Kirby or Prince Fluff to burn them. Defeating this flaming foe takes a fire truck! Use Fire Engine Form to jet water at Emba until it shrinks down and disintegrates.


This guy loves his burning lifestyle and definitely hates water.
— Cast Description • Kirby's Epic Yarn

Did You Know?Edit

  • The name Emba is a parody of the word: Ember, which is essentially what this enemy is.
  • The English name is a parody, but the Japanes name: 火の粉 quite literally means, powder of fire, or as we know it, Ember.
Emba the Ember
Appearances Kirby's Epic Yarn
Location Lava Landing, Temper Temple, Meta Melon Isle